Who We Are

Using what we have. Creating more of what we need.

Growing the biggest and best crops possible

GFL Ag is a company dedicated to long-term improvements in soil health, productivity and profitability through the application of innovative, sustainable crop nutrition.

Simply put, we’re here to enrich the sustainability of modern agriculture.

The proof is in the products we create. Bio-Sul Premium Plus, for instance, is our most recent next-generation sustainable nutrient source: elemental sulphur (70%) plus highly active compost (30%), combined in a way that enhances nutrient availability and microbial soil health all season long and for multiple years.

In fact, our products are all derived by managing compostable food leftovers and returning it to the soil as sustainable nutrition—a process established by our parent company, GFL Environmental (a well-known Green For Life enterprise).

GFL Ag products are the result of decades of research and development that supports our sustainable model through transparency and engagement with producers, partners and retailers.

This is who we are

  • Inspired by agronomics—focused on the kind of innovations that improve timing, increase bioavailability and seed safety, remove fertilizer bulk, and reduce leaching.
  • Dedicated to sustainable farming—making more with what we have, providing a positive influence on the long-term economy we generate for farmers and farming.
  • Rooted in biological productivity—driven by science, green with purpose, knowing that biological crop inputs are the smartest path to agricultural sustainability.

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