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Bio-Sul Sulphur Fertilizer Product

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

A sustainable, sulphur-enriched nutrient source for enhanced crop performance.

Grow the biggest and best crops possible with Bio-Sul Premium Plus, today’s smartest biological crop input.

  • It’s ONE powerful macronutrient package to promote sustainable food production.
  • Provides season-long nutrient bioavailability and long-term improvement of microbial soil health.
  • Apply to all crops including pulses and cereals. For more information on application, contact your local rep for details.

Benefits of Bio-Sul Premium Plus – Sulphur Fertilizer

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Lower Costs

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  • Priced lower than other elemental sulphur products
  • Sustainability is full circle as food leftovers transform into crop nutrients
  • Works longer for multi-year benefit per application
  • Elemental sulphur breaks down easily for better plant uptake
  • Microbe-rich, Class 1 compost contributes to long-term soil health
  • Saves topsoil through the addition of valuable, soil-enhancing microbes
  • Safer for seeds in storage or equipment due to its low-salt index
  • Customized rates range from 100 pounds per acre to 220 pounds per acre
  • Reduced fire risk due to higher moisture retention
  • Utilizes elemental sulphur that is a by-product from oil and gas production

What Our Customers Say

We need to care for the earth for us to move forward. It’s fantastic any time you can get creative and take a product that would normally go into a landfill and turn it into something that’s going to help increase soil health and productivity.

- Carmen Sewell, Sewell Grain Farms (Herronton, Alberta)

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