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Bio-Sul Sulphur Fertilizer Product

Bio-Sul Premium Plus

A sustainable, sulphur-enriched nutrient source for enhanced crop performance.

Grow the biggest and best crops possible with Bio-Sul Premium Plus, today’s smartest biological crop input.

  • It’s ONE powerful macronutrient package to promote sustainable food production.
  • Provides season-long nutrient bioavailability and long-term improvement of microbial soil health.
  • Apply to all crops including pulses and cereals. For more information on application, contact your local rep for details.

Benefits of Bio-Sul Premium Plus – Sulphur Fertilizer

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Lower Costs

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  • Priced lower than other elemental sulphur products
  • Sustainability is full circle as food leftovers transform into crop nutrients
  • Works longer for multi-year benefit per application
  • Elemental sulphur breaks down easily for better plant uptake
  • Microbe-rich, Class 1 compost contributes to long-term soil health
  • Saves topsoil through the addition of valuable, soil-enhancing microbes
  • Safer for seeds in storage or equipment due to its low-salt index
  • Customized rates range from 100 pounds per acre to 220 pounds per acre
  • Reduced fire risk due to higher moisture retention
  • Utilizes elemental sulphur that is a by-product from oil and gas production

What Our Customers Say

Bio-Sul was able to help with efficiencies by spreading it beforehand and then not having to worry about spreading it again for a couple of years. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

- Grain, Oilseed and Pulse Grower (Southern Alberta)

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