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How It Works

Bio-Sul: How It Works

Class 1 Compost Blends with Elemental Sulphur

When food scraps are transformed into highly active (and highly beneficial) Class 1 compost, and then blended in with elemental sulphur: we’ve got something great!

Bio-Sul products consist of elemental sulphur (in a variety of particle sizes) blended with nutrient-rich, Class 1 compost and soil microbes. Upon broadcast (spin spreader) application, the ingredients work together to facilitate season-long breakdown of elemental sulphur in the soil for a more conservative uptake of sulphate (bioavailability) for years to come.

A truly Compelling Green for Life Sustainability Story.

Bio-Sul is a next-generation sustainable-nutrient source—and a product of GFL Environmental research and development.

  • Based on the science of transforming food scraps into Class 1 compost
  • Blended with elemental sulphur, becomes an innovative crop nutrient product
  • Enhances crop performance and long-term soil/environmental sustainability
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Specs & Safety

Elemental sulphur (70%) blended with Class 1 compost (30%) utilizing a wide range of particle sizes for crop availability now and in the future.

Immediate product benefits include:

  • Flexible application timing
  • Increased bioavailability and seed safety
  • Removal of bulky fertilizer from seeding
  • Reduced leaching (slower, more useable conversion to sulphate)

What Our Customers Say

Bio-Sul was able to help with efficiencies by spreading it beforehand and then not having to worry about spreading it again for a couple of years. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

- Grain, Oilseed and Pulse Grower (Southern Alberta)

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