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How It Works

Bio-Sul: How It Works

Class 1 Compost Blends with Elemental Sulphur

When food scraps are transformed into highly active (and highly beneficial) Class 1 compost, and then blended in with elemental sulphur: we’ve got something great!

Bio-Sul products consist of elemental sulphur (in a variety of particle sizes) blended with nutrient-rich, Class 1 compost and soil microbes. Upon broadcast (spin spreader) application, the ingredients work together to facilitate season-long breakdown of elemental sulphur in the soil for a more conservative uptake of sulphate (bioavailability) for years to come.

A truly Compelling Green for Life Sustainability Story.

Bio-Sul is a next-generation sustainable-nutrient source—and a product of GFL Environmental research and development.

  • Based on the science of transforming food scraps into Class 1 compost
  • Blended with elemental sulphur, becomes an innovative crop nutrient product
  • Enhances crop performance and long-term soil/environmental sustainability
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Specs & Safety

Elemental sulphur (70%) blended with Class 1 compost (30%) utilizing a wide range of particle sizes for crop availability now and in the future.

Immediate product benefits include:

  • Flexible application timing
  • Increased bioavailability and seed safety
  • Removal of bulky fertilizer from seeding
  • Reduced leaching (slower, more useable conversion to sulphate)

What Our Customers Say

We need to care for the earth for us to move forward. It’s fantastic any time you can get creative and take a product that would normally go into a landfill and turn it into something that’s going to help increase soil health and productivity.

- Carmen Sewell, Sewell Grain Farms (Herronton, Alberta)

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