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Coffee Row: Harvest Update

Harvest is a busy season for farmers and is filled with early mornings in the combine cabs, late nights with the crew or meals in the field with family. GFL Ag talked to farmers across the prairies in early October to learn about how harvest is going this year. See what’s happening in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba during this year’s harvest season.

All quotes were collected first week of October 2022.

Korey Peters, Herbsigwil Farms Ltd. in Randolph, Manitoba

“It’s a little chaotic when everything was seeded in two weeks in June and it’s all ready at the same time. I see some farmers have left wheat standing and have gone on to start harvesting soybeans. You usually never see that, but that’s the kind of year it is. For us, this is the first time that we dried canola. We ran some through our dryer because we just wanted to keep going. We are getting close to 50% finished. Generally, with corn it tends to stretch out the harvest into November. If we could try to wrap up everything in November I would be happy.”

Heath Dreger, HLD Farms in Yorkton, Saskatchewan  

“As of the beginning of October, we are 60% done. Lots of crop still out, but most of it’s canola. There are a few cereals left, mostly barley and oats. Cereals have yielded very well out here. Wheat is in the 65 to 75 range. Oats are in that 130 to 140 range. The average for canola is around 40 to 45.”

Tyler Fletcher, Anchor F Farms in Smokey Lake, Alberta

“We are wrapped up. Wheat was lower than expected and canola was a little bit better. There was beautiful weather, and everyone was happy with the season. Potatoes are wrapped up. Last harvest was good but there wasn’t much a crop, so it was good to have a fair-weather harvest and decent yields.”

As harvest season continues, we hope you stay safe and have successful yields this year. If you’re thinking of applying Bio-Sul after harvest, contact your local GFL Ag representative to see how you can get a jump on next season and save time in the spring.

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