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Bio-Cycle Solutions Rebrands as GFL Ag

new seed plant just popping leaves from soil

For more than 10 years, Bio-Cycle Solutions has been turning leftover food into valuable fertility solutions for farmers. Bringing organics full circle by returning it to the soil as nutrition has given way for growers to feed their crops what they need using a sustainable, environmentally efficient model.

With years of success as Bio-Cycle Solutions, we are excited to announce a new name: GFL Ag. We are committed to continuing to provide product innovations that result in benefits to farmers and help them grow the best crops possible.

As GFL Ag, we are serious about our commitment to the agricultural industry with support from our parent company, GFL Environmental. With the expansion process continuing into 2022, new infrastructure, capital investment and products are all top priority to support growers across North America in the coming years.

GFL Ag will continue our longstanding partnership with Aberhart Ag Solutions to distribute Bio-Sul to Canadian growers. With Aberhart, our master distributor, supporting new distributors across the country, farmers will have greater access to the fertility solutions they need to run profitable operations while still considering environmental impact.

“Aberhart has been with us since the beginning,” says Brian Brunson, Sales Manager at GFL. “We’re pleased to continue our relationship as we grow together to help farmers reach their crops’ full potential through profitable and sustainable crop nutrition.” Aberhart Ag Solutions’ commitment to providing products that bring value to the success of their customers’ businesses while maintaining environmental sustainability lends itself well to the values of GFL Ag.

GFL Ag is excited to move forward with a new identity. Enriching the profitability and sustainability of modern agriculture by using what we have to create more of what we need is our purpose now and will remain to be in the future of GFL Ag.

For more information, visit the GFL Environmental website. To learn more about Aberhart Ag Solutions, visit the Aberhart website and get the latest updates by following them on Twitter or Instagram.

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